Virginia Meth Possession

Virginia Meth Possession
Virginia law enforcement agencies are cracking down on methamphetamine possession and distribution with increased fervor. Penalties for methamphetamine, or “meth,” possession include incarceration, large fines, drug treatment programs, community service, and probation. Factors affecting the sentence are often based on the amount of meth in possession, past criminal convictions (if any) and the jurisdiction.

If you or someone you love is facing pending Virginia methamphetamine possession charges, you need reliable, experienced legal representation. A skilled attorney can help you reduce or even avoid the consequences associated with drug charges.

If a person is accused of being in the possession of meth, they may be charged with “simple possession” or “possession with intent to distribute.” If arrested with a small amount of meth for personal consumption, they will likely be charged with a simple possession charge. The penalties for this charge could still include serious jail time as well as fine. However, first time offenders may be eligible for a drug diversion program in lieu of incarceration. This program includes substance abuse counseling. Please be aware that if convicted and sentenced to this penalty you must complete the program. Otherwise, you could quickly be sent to jail. Repeat offenders face even tougher penalties, including additional jail time and more substantial fines.

If found with a large quantity of meth in your possession, a person could be charged with intent to distribute, even if they had no intention of doing so. The penalties for this crime could include prison time, probation, and expensive fines.

Someone can also face penalties if found with drug paraphernalia, such as substances or equipment that could be used to manufacture methamphetamines.  The laws in Virginia are not always favorable toward a person, even if they innocent. This is why it is important to ensure you have the best legal representation possible – legal representation worth every dime you pay for.

The consequences of a meth possession conviction run deeper than court-imposed penalties. With a drug possession charge on your record, you may face numerous difficulties when applying for jobs, school, loans, and housing. Contesting your Virginia meth possession charge by retaining a lawyer with experience in successful case outcomes is your best chance at avoiding unpleasant repercussions from this serious charge.

Many people believe that an arrest for methamphetamine possession will automatically result in a guilty conviction. Simply put, this is untrue. The fact is, a skilled defense attorney with experience and knowledge can thoroughly investigate the particular circumstances of your case and determine whether the search and seizure were even legal. If your civil rights were violated, if the arresting officer lacked probable cause, if the search should have never taken place, the results may be inadmissible in court. The case the prosecution may think they have could be groundless and the judge may rule in your favor before the first witness ever takes the stand.

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