Virginia Ecstasy Possession

Virginia Ecstasy Possession
In recent years, club drugs such as Ecstasy have risen in popularity. This trend has led to an increase in Ecstasy-related arrests. Being charged with Ecstasy possession in Virginia is extremely serious.  Penalties range from incarceration, large fines, community service, drug abuse treatment programs, and probation. If you are currently facing Ecstasy possession charges in the Virginia area, you need experienced counsel on your side to ensure your rights are protected and you have a solid defense.

Ecstasy goes by a myriad of names, such as X, E, XTC, Rolls, Candy Flipping, Disco Biscuits, etc. The active ingredient in Ecstasy is methylene dioxy methamphetamine (MDMA), which acts as a psychedelic and stimulant.

Depending on the amount of Ecstasy in your possession, you could be charged with simple possession or possession with intent to sell or distribute. To be charged with simple possession, you only need to have a small amount of Ecstasy on your person or within your control. The penalty for possession may include jail time and hefty fines, though you may be allowed to complete a drug diversion program in lieu of jail time if this is your first offense. Repeat offenders are subject to increased penalties and may not have the option to complete a drug program instead of going to jail.

If charged with Ecstasy possession with intent to sell or distribute – a far more serious crime -- you could be sent to prison and ordered to pay even larger fines, if convicted. You may also be sentenced to probation following your release. During probation, you must follow strict guidelines and avoid any other criminal charges or risk being incarcerated again.

In addition to court-imposed penalties, you could also face difficulties in your personal life with an Ecstasy possession charge on your record. Your criminal record can be seen by third parties, and may work against you when you are applying for a job, school, loan, or even housing.

Hiring an experienced drug defense attorney during this time is important to your outcome. Your attorney will review the facts of your case to determine if your arrest was even legal. If you were stopped or searched without probable cause, an attorney can file a motion in order to suppress the evidence against you. Without this evidence, the prosecution may not have a case and will drop the charged against you.

To learn more about how a Virginia drug defense attorney can help your case, please contact The Law Office of Michael C. Tillotson. We offer a free initial consultation and can explain the best steps you should take in order to contest your charges.

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